Friday, July 21, 2006

The Plan of Summer Vacation

I'm planing my summervacation to enjoy this suummer very much. I'll go to see PL or Yodogawa fireworks with my friends. I went to Yodogawa firework last year, and it was very beautiful. In addition to this, I'm going to a camping with memubers of class 17 in Kansai Gaidai!! If I can go with my class mates, it must be nice memory in this summer. The biggest plan of mine in this summer is to get license of scuba diving. I really love the sea, because swimming in the beautiful sea is so comfortable. Moreover, I'd like to see the pretty fish and sight. To get international license of scuba diving and to dive in the sea all over the world is one of my great dreams. However, I should work hard to earn money, because to enjoy summer must spend much money. My summer vacastion will be very busy, enjoyable and worthwhile.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Meet Old Friends

I met with my old friends yesterday. We were same class when we were third grade in junior high school. It has been four years since we left junior high school, but we still meet at least four times in a year. We are close friends. Yesterday meeting was second one in this year. We had good dinner at favorite bar and spoke a lot. After that we went to convenience store to buy some fireworks. We shot off them in the park. Rockets were very beautiful, but Catherine wheel was really scary!! Then we talked again sitting on the bench. One of the boy said “I’m doing job hunting now. I passed Osaka police last year, but I declined it, because the occupation which I really want to take is fireman.” I was so surprised to hear that. And I was impressed by his zeal. I thought that I should make an effort to make my dream job real. I felt talking with my good friends is always exciting.

Monday, July 03, 2006

To Go Abroad

Going abroad is one of my dreams, because I’ve never been to overseas. Japan is island country, so I hardly have chance to experience different cultures. I’m interested in culture of other countries. I want to visit Cappadocia in south Turkey and Dynastic grave in Egypt. Although I’ve ever seen only their picture, these are my favorite remains. However, if I go study abroad, I hope to go to Canada or France, because I want to study English and French. I think the both of countries are very nice. A vast extent of nature in Canada and a row of houses and streets in France are really attractive for me. I also want to learn art in France, because France has a lot of museums. Moreover, China is also interesting for me. There must be complex diplomatic relations between Japan and China, but I’d like to know about China. There is no end to my dream. Anyway, going abroad is one of my big dreams. I’ll study English, French and Chinese hard to visit there.

Friday, June 16, 2006

High school and University

There are a lot of differences between high school and university. How do they operate to us? Why are there differences?
My high school is never really large, and very old. So there are many places where should be repaired. However, surprisingly, university is very new and fine. There is space in surplus, and most of facilities are better than high school. The only better one of high school is a swimming pool.
There is also difference about the number of students. High school has 320 freshman every year, whereas more than 1000 students enter university every year. In addition, there are boys as many as girls in high school, but there are more girls than boys in university.
The most important difference is what students learn. We study every subject widely in high school, so student must study mathematics and chemistry even if they are not interested in them. However, we can choose what class we have in university, and it’s also depends on us how to compose our school timetable. We can give ourselves to interest is very good.
There are many different points between high school and university. I think it has meaning. Although sometimes we should study poor subjects in high school, we can find what we want to do because of the experience. In addition, our parents pay more school expenses of university than high school, so it’s reasonable that facilities of university are better than high school’s.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

In The Train

I saw a man who came from other country at the Namba station yesterday. And I heard he asked the station employee the way that he went to Suwanomori which was the station along the Nankai main line. I was waiting the train next to the man while he was asking. After that we adjoined again in the train when we sat on the seat. He looked his memo that was written how to get Suwanomori very carefully. Moreover, I also watched it unconsciously, because I knew the station, and it was next to my station. So, he noticed me, and smiled. Although I surprised, I smiled, too. We talked for about 30 minutes in the train. I thought his native language was not English, but he spoke English very well. He asked me “Can you speak English? ” “What is your occupation?” etc… I replied “A little. I’m a student, and studying foreign languages.” He said his job was a seaman, and he carried the gas to around the world. However, he looked really anxious, so I went to his station with him. His Japanese friend waited him in Suwanomori when we arrived. He said to me “Thank you very much!!” I was happy to help him.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I went to Kyoto with my mother on last Sunday, because there is the mercer which has my favorite Furisode. Furisode means long-sleeved kimono. Girls usually wear it when they go to coming of age ceremony. In Japan, people are regarded adult when they are 20 years old. I’ll be 20 years old in this year, so I looked for Furisode agreeable to me. And I found my favorite one on the Internet, but I can’t decide to buy it without seeing it. Furisode is very expensive and important thing for me. Moreover I have to make sure whether I can wear it or not, because some Furisode’s sleeves and length were too short for me. I was very shocked, but I can’t cut my height. Anyway I visited the mercer, and tried it on. It was not tailored yet, but really good. The Furisode is black and colorful patterns. They are really beautiful, so I like it very much. Eventually, I decide to buy it after trying it on for long time. Kumi, my mother’s friend, will make it up into my size. I’m really looking forward to wearing my Furisode.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day

May 14th is Mother's Day. What do you think good present for mother? My little sister and I give her present every year, but we did not get ready until just now. We decided to buy key case, because my mother's one is very old. She uses it for about 15 years. In addition, I thought Nina Rich is the best brand for her if we give her key case, because I knew her wallet was Nina rich. First we went to Takashimaya in Namba. Houever, we couldn't get it. Although we visited Daimaru and Sogo, they also didn't have it. We were dissapointed. Then, We rested our hope on Kintetu in Tennouji. Finally, we could buy her present. And we will give her it with a feeling of gratitude tonight.